Research about Morocco’s background

To complete this step, your essay and research should, at the very least, include answers, rationales, and insights into the following questions regarding your country. Organize your work into a readable and persuasive essay. Do not offer one-liners to the questions below. These are meant to guide your thoughts, not the structure for the essay: I. Country and Capital City What is the name of the country you are researching What is the capital city of the country being researched Offer a brief description about your country to indicate its geographical location and topography (for e.g., tropical, desert, savanna, mountainous, or a combination) II. The Colonial History of your Country What was the nature and type of colonial rule of your country? Which European colonial power ruled this territory? What were the dates of colonial occupation? What was the impact of colonial rule to local political structures? How did colonial occupation impact: the economy, social and cultural institutions, and traditional religions and spiritual practices? Describe two major events during colonial occupation and the process leading to independence. What was the date of independence? III Current Political Context Who is the present leader of your assigned country. What political system was introduced and what changes were made in the two decades after independence? How have the politics of the country changed over the last past twenty years? What is the current political system in place, and what are the main political parties? When were the last elections held and what was the outcome, that is, which political party gained power and which political party ceded power (if relevant)? What was the reaction to the election results among the contending parties, the populace, the media and election observers? When are the next elections scheduled to take place? Assess the state of the political system and media in the country. What is the current relationship between the US and your assigned country? REMEMBER: Your work should be supported by evidence and quotations from your sources and include a minimum of at least 3 references – a variety or references is better. Follow the guidelines outlined in the Sources section above. Make sure to create your information using APA Citation Guide(link is external) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. created by the Penn State University Libraries on the basics of APA. You may also refer to: APA Quick Citation GuidePreview the document for help. Organize your work into a readable and persuasive essay. Do not offer one-liners to the questions above. These are meant to guide your thoughts, not the structure for the essay. hroughout the project, you will keep a record of the information sources you used to gather the information about your assigned country. By the end of the three steps, you should have used no less than a total of NINE different references as you research your country. Select at least THREE sources from the PSU Libraries’ Research Guide for AFR 110 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Research Guide for African Studies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Then select at least SIX academic sources of your choosing. NOTE: The Huffington Post, New York Times or Wikipedia ARE NOT ACADEMIC sources and should NOT BE USED IN THIS CLASS. A balanced choice of academic sources will include a journal article, book and other web related sources. *Make sure that for each step, you have this balance in your selection of sources to use. Here are a few recommended sources that are not already listed on the PSU Libraries’ Research Guide for AFR 110. In recommending these sources, we are in no way suggesting that these are EXEMPLARY authorities. psu libraries research guide – research guide for air 110 –

Explain the role of HRM in ensuring the most competitive compensation package for employees.

Select one healthcare organization of interest to you and research the compensation package in the organization. Answer the following questions. Do a cost-benefit analysis of the selected healthcare organization. Explain your analysis of the cost-benefit ratio and how it helps an organization. Explain the impact of the cost-benefit ratio on recruitment and retention strategies of a healthcare organization. Outline ways to improve the cost-benefit ratio of the selected healthcare organization. Explain the role of HRM in ensuring the most competitive compensation package for employees. Describe methods of improving the compensation package of the selected healthcare organization. Explain how your recommendations could enhance recruitment and retention strategies of the organization. Discuss how you would address competitive compensation, benefits packages, career development, and succession planning in working towards the selected healthcare organization’s strategic goals.

write a Well Child Developmental Assessment Paper

Well Child Developmental Assessment Paper Guidelines Students will conduct a developmental assessment met in a home setting to identify factors influencing a child’s development. WELL CHILD DEVELOPMENTAL ASSESSMENT PAPER (20%) Each student will conduct a pediatric developmental assessment in order to facilitate his/her learning of the multiple, predictable aspects of a child’s growth and development. The student will also assess the child’s home environment to identify some of the factors influencing the child’s development. Following the visit, a written paper will be due which will include physiologic and psychosocial assessment data, goals for the child and family, interventions, and recommendations. I. PROCEDURE FOR THE VISIT Identify a well child (1 month 10 years of age) either in a home or school environment. The child should not be a member of the student’s immediate family. For home visits, you will be conducting a developmental and a home assessment for a child birth to 10 years of age. For school students, you may conduct a systematic assessment of their developmental status and identify environmental factors located in the school which are aimed at stimulating their development. Some suggested parameters to include: a) birth date, age, and gender b) growth parameters – use growth charts based on the ? For children < 2 years, use the Birth to 36 months 3rd-97th percentile forms and plot the following on the chart: o length for age o weight for age o head circumference for age o weight for length ? For children > 2 years, use the 2-20 years 3rd-97th percentile forms and plot the following on the chart: o stature for age o weight for age o BMI for age c) nutritional status d) development remember the different aspects of development e) family ? Who lives in the home and what are their roles with the child? ? What influences do they have on the child’s development? ? Is the child cared for outside of the home and what impact does that have on the child and his/her family? f) home environment or school assessment ? include safety issues that may not be covered by this tool, .: guns in home, helmets w/ bikes, harmful chemicals within reach, etc. 2) ANALYSIS OF DATA a) Interpret the child’s growth percentiles. b) Describe and interpret child developmental findings. Select at least two developmental theorists and compare the child’s development. c) Assess the childs environment in the areas of cognitive and social emotional support, safety, nutrition, and list factors that facilitate or inhibit the child’s growth and development. Or, if school based, describe environmental factors you have identified that are stimulating the childs development d) Discuss problems to be addressed, nursing diagnoses, and needs. If there are no problems, discuss anticipatory guidance needs. 3) GOALS – for child and family 4) INTERVENTIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS – to maintain and promote growth, development and health of the child. Include documented rationale. 5) REFERENCE LIST – Use APA format. SECTION POSSIBLE POINTS ASSESSMENT: Collection of Subjective and Objective Data 1. Growth Chart 5pts 2. Nutritional Status (24-hour food diary) 5pts 3. Family Assessment 5pts 5. Pediatric Home Environment 5pts Total points 20pts ANALYSIS OF DATA 1. Childs Growth and Development (must reference two developmental theorist) 15pts 2. Childs Home Environment 10pts 3. Factors that facilitate/inhibit G&D 10pts 4. Discussion of identified problems 15pts Total Points 50pts GOALS: 1. 2 for Child 4pts 2. 2 for Family 4pts Total Points 8pts INTERVENTIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Maintenance of current Health Practices 10pts 2. Promotion of health, growth & development 10pts Total Points 20pts APA FORMATING: 2pts TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 100pts Nb :to the writter ,please this assignment is very important ,and the instructor is extremely strict if rubric is not followed
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In My Bondage and My Fredom, Fredrick douglass argues that slavery was an institution that “victimized” everyone: slaves, slave holders, and non-slave holding whites alike. How can he make such a claim considering the brutailty of slavery?

Argumentative paper. provide a thesis statement (argument) that everyone was victimized. it is required to engage readings from “My Bondage and My Freedom” Be able to synthesize and analyze materials to support thesis. NO internet sources or articles.

Family Social Policy and Health Disparities

Write one Page Abstract paper on chapter 5 from assign book , Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele et al. Family Health Care Nursing with APA style required text book ISBN-13: 978-0803639218

RHETORICAL ANALYSIS about an article for management

i uploaded several files about the instructor and also some example of how the paper should be . i have to find an article online regarding of my major which is Management for my English class and do a rhetorical analysis about THE WAY that the writers wrote that article (please make sure that the instructor be like the example) again, i dont have to analysis the article. i have to do rhetorical analysis on the way the writer wrote that article. follow the instructor and example thanks

A gap in quality related to care coordination for individuals with chronic illnesses

In your paper, you will explain why the chosen topic is a gap in healthcare and analyze the specific population impacted by the issue. Specifically, you should address the following: Describe a specific gap in the delivery of healthcare. Include the specific population affected by the gap. Briefly describe the history of this gap in access to healthcare. Has this been an issue historically, or is it a modern issue? Explain the impact that the socioeconomic background of the population has on their access to healthcare. Describe how the healthcare delivered to the population is affected by the gap in access. Predict any potential implications if this gap in access is not addressed. : Your paper must be submitted as a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

Genetically modified foods

Informative speech on genetically modified foods. Need a introduction with a attention getter(AGD) and thesis Need 3 main points 1. What are genetically modified foods 2. How are they made 3. Benefits and limitations of genetically modified foods need reputable sources from at least 2015 to present