compare and contrast at least two of the empires in Eurasia/ North Africa. 500 B.C.E – 500 C.E (Persia, Greece, Rome, China)

Compare and contrast at least two of the empires discussed in this chapter (Persia, Greece, Rome, China) What common features do they share? What are some of their major differences? Use specific examples from the chapter content AND examples from at least one of the primary source documents at the end of the chapter to explain you answer. The material you use to write this paper is in the chapter 3 only. DO NOT do additional research (including on the Internet) for material for this paper. Use citations, you do not need a separate Works Cited page since this paper will be based only on the textbook ( Ways of the World, a brief global history, with sources, third edition, volume 1, by Robert W. Strayer and Eric W. Nelson) Just cite the page number from which you got your ideas or examples. Example: (Strayer, pg. 34). The paper should include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion. Avoid summarizing and instead use specific examples to develop your thesis statement. if you do not have this book I will upload photos of the chapter.
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